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Reading and Writing Practice Tests for US Citizenship Naturalization Interview      

The USCIS Officer started with the Civics Test and asked me only six (6) questions out of the ten (10) questions. After the sixth (6th) question, she gladly told me that I passed the Civics Test before she gave me the Reading and Written Tests. I suggest that you study everyday or every other day from the time that you get your scheduled interview to pass the USCIS 100 Civics Questions Examination.

I was later asked about the application (N-400) that I submitted that is why you have to review the application packet that you submitted and I hope that you have the exact copy of it before you sent it to the USCIS. After that, I was already tested for the Oral Reading and Writing Test. During my naturalization interview, a USCIS Officer asked me some questions about my application and background. Please tale note that an applicant’s ability to speak English will also be determined by the USCIS Officer from the applicant’s answers to the questions normally asked during the eligibility interview based on the Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

The USCIS Officer was so professional that I only felt a little bit of nervousness and was only focused to the questions that she needed to ask as I was also focused on the answers that I needed to give. This is not my first time being interviewed by a USCIS Officer and to my opinion, the USCIS have well-trained officers to conduct immigration interviews so you do not need to be worry about being interviewed by any of these professional people for your upcoming interview since they will never give you tricky questions.

The English test has three components and these were speaking, reading and writing. It is true that the civics test covers important Key Commands based on my experience during my interview and the USCIS Officer who will conduct your interview have various ways of phrasing these common commands by the time that he or she will start the interview. Once your number or name will be called, you may start hearing these kinds of commands. Below are some examples:

USCIS Officer: “Please follow me” may also be phrased as “Kindly follow me” or “Come, follow me.”

USCIS Officer: “Please be seated” may also be phrased as “Please sit down” or “Have a seat.”

Understanding Commands for the U.S. Naturalization Interview is important although each applicant’s case is different, every naturalization interview is indeed unique. During the actual interview, a USCIS Officer could use a command or a request phrase in a different way. The examples below are not intended to be a complete list of the commands or requests that any USCIS Officer may use during your interview although some of them below could be used:

USCIS Officer: Please follow me. (Applicant’s answer — Ok, I will follow you.)

USCIS Officer: Please Remain standing or Remain standing. (Applicant’s answer — Ok.)

USCIS Officer: Please raise your right hand or Raise your right hand.

USCIS Officer: Please seat down or Please be seated. (Applicant’s answer — Thank you.)

USCIS Officer: Please hand me your passport and Permanent Resident Card. (USCIS Officer: Thank you)  (Applicant’s answer — You're welcome)

USCIS Officer: Write this sentence on the lines that you can see through the digital tablet. (Correct answer — Ok or Yes, I will)

USCIS Officer: Read the sentence that you can see through the digital tablet. (Correct answer — Ok or Yes, I will)

USCIS Officer: Sign your name on the line that’s provided through the digital tablet. (Correct answer — Ok or Yes, I will)

Reading and Writing Vocabulary Sentences Practice for the Naturalization Test

Generally, you will take first the Civics Test verbally, without using the tablet. After the Civics Test, an applicant will read and write through a digital tablet using a stylus during the English reading and writing tests for the USCIS Naturalization Interview. The USCIS Officer will instruct you as an applicant on how to use the tablet before he or she will administer the test. Do not be ashamed to request the USCIS Officer to repeat the instruction if you think that it was not clear for you. I was able to request the one who conducted my test to repeat her instruction when I was not able to hear her voice clearly.

The practice sentences below were taken from the USCIS Official Reading and Writing Vocabulary List. Take note that each reading test that will be administered to every applicant contains not more than three (3) sentences. An applicant needs to read only one (1) out of three (3) sentences correctly in order to show an ability to read in English and pass.

A sentence will show or appear on the tablet and the USCIS Officer will ask the applicant to read it for the reading test. There will be lines that will show or appear on the tablet, imitating the appearance of a piece of blank paper for the writing test. The USCIS Officer will read you a sentence aloud and then ask you to write it on the tablet. Please take note that if you did not hear it clearly as what happened to me, simply tell the USCIS Officer, “Can you please repeat the sentence?” or “Kindly repeat the sentence.”

The content of the reading and writing tests will focus more on the Civics and History topics. The USCIS Officer will ask you to write up to three (3) sentences. You need to write only one (1) out of three (3) sentences correctly in order to show your ability to write in English and pass.

Once you will be able to write only one (1) of three (3) sentences correctly, the USCIS Officer will stop conducting the writing test. Please note that you will not fail due to capitalization, spelling, or punctuation errors as long as the meaning of the sentence that you wrote on the digital tablet was understandable.

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1.  George Washington is the father of our country.

2.  Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States.

3.  The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments.

4.  The American flag is the national flag of the United States.

5.  The White House is the official residence of the President.

6.  When is Presidents’ Day?

7.  Who was the second president?

8.  Why do people want to become citizens?

9.  Who was the first president?

10.  President’s Day is an American holiday.

11.  What is the capital of the United States?

12.  How many states are there in the U.S.?

13.  Who was George Washington?

14.  What are the colors of the American flag?

15.  Where does the U.S. President live?

16.  What was the first U.S. state?

17.  When do we celebrate Independence Day?

18.  How many colors does the U.S. flag have?

19.  When is Thanksgiving?

20.  What is on the American flag?

21.  Who elects Congress?

22.  Why do people come to America?

23.  Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?

24.  What was the first U.S. capital?

25.  Memorial Day and Thanksgiving are U.S. holidays.

26.  Labor Day is celebrated in September.

27.  What state has the most people?

28.  When is Flag Day?

29.  Who lived here as the first settlers?

30.  Who lives in the White House?

31.  What country is north of the United States?

32.  Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 in America.

33.  A citizen has the right to vote.

34.  What is the largest state?

35.  What country is south of the United States?

36.  What country is north of the United States?

37.  The Congress was created by the U.S. Constitution.

38.  Columbus Day is in October.

39.  Who can vote?

40.  When is Independence Day?

41.   We pay taxes to the U.S. government.

42.   Where does Congress meet?

43.   Who is on the one dollar bill?

44.   There are fifty states in the United States.

45.   California is a popular state.

46.   The U.S. was divided by the north and south.

47.   There are 100 senators that represent the 50 states.

48.   The government is the governing body of a country.

49.   Alaska is the largest state in the United States.

50.   The fifty states are represented by one hundred senators.

51.  Pay your taxes before April 15.

52.  A citizen elects the right candidate.

53.  George Washington is the first president.

54.  American Indians lived in the U.S. before Europeans arrived.

55.  What is the most famous city in the U.S.?

56.  People can come to America.

57.  Where does the government get the money it spends?

58.  Who lives in the White House?

59.  Who is the President on the one dollar bill?

60.  When is Memorial Day?

61.  Name the third President of the United States.

62.  Who is the second President of the United States?

63.  Where is the Statue of Liberty located?

64.  How many senators do we have?

65.  What is the name of our President?

66.  How many Senators are there in Congress?

67.  How many times a year does Congress meet?

68.  Name one branch of the government.

69.  There are ways that citizens can show loyalty.

70.  Freedom of speech is one right of a U.S. citizen.

71.  We want to have freedom of expression.

72.  We have the right to vote as citizens.

73.  When do we vote for president?

74.  Texas is one state that borders Mexico.

75.  Where is the White House?

76.  Why do people want to vote?

77.  When is Labor Day?

78.  The American flag has 13 stripes.

79.  New York is one state that borders Canada.

80.  John Adams was a leader of the American Revolution.

81.  American Indians are also known as Native Americans.

82.  Presidents' Day is celebrated in February.

83.  Alaska is a U.S. state that borders Canada.

84.  Red, white and blue are the colors of the U.S. flag.

85.  California is one state that borders Mexico.

86.  Memorial Day is celebrated in the month of May.

87.  Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States.

88.  Freedom of speech is one right.

89.  Washington was the first president.

90.  Lincoln was the President during the Civil War.

91.  Veterans Day is in November.

92.  Independence Day is celebrated on July 4.

93.  New York is a US state that borders Canada.

94.  Flag Day is celebrated on June 14.

95.  There are one hundred senators in Congress.

96.  Delaware was one of the 13 original colonies.

97.  Is America called the land of the free?

98.  Abraham Lincoln led America through the Civil War.

99.  A citizen has the right to vote.

100. The colonists fight the British because of high taxes.


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Both the reading and writing part of the naturalization examination is very easy so try to relax and sleep well the day before your test. I was an applicant too and the writing part of the test was truly easy since the USCIS Officer only gave me a very short sentence to write on that digital tablet. I had posted on this webpage the possible sentences that may come out during your test and these sentences came from the USCIS Reading and Writing Vocabulary Lists (Please see the links below). 

I truly hope that you will successfully pass on your scheduled interview. Kindly inform me if you have any suggestions, opinions, questions or if you are able to pass the test by simply commenting via on this webpage, thank you in advance!

This webpage provides links to the Official USCIS website that provides additional information about this article’s topic:

Official USCIS Reading Vocabulary List for the Naturalization Test

Official USCIS Writing Vocabulary List for the Naturalization Test

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