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U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Mock Interviews

We have interview videos and every scenario is based on personal experiences by immigrant applicants, with the use of the official USCIS materials and the updated feedback from successful applicants who passed their naturalization interviews and tests for American citizenship.

Our educational videos will make immigrant applicants understand on what to expect from the naturalization interview, however, please take note that every interview is unique, and your upcoming interview might not be exactly the same from the practice or mock naturalization interviews that you will see on some of them. These naturalization interview videos will be able to guide you, step-by-step, in passing your tests for your U.S. citizenship.

Important Tips: At your naturalization interview, try to ask for the USCIS officer’s name and badge number who will interview you. Write down his or her name so that it's easy for you to follow up, in case you have any complaints or disagreements after the interview.
Speak clearly during your interview (not too fast). The USCIS immigration officer needs to hear and understand you clearly. Simply speak confidently at a normal rate and tone.
Always try to make an eye contact since this will show to the immigration service officer conducting your interview that you are confident and truthful with your answers.
Answer each question in a direct, short and truthful manner. Remember to answer only the questions being asked and never interrupt the USCIS immigration officer while he or she is talking. Allow him or her to finish every question. If ever you need more time to think, simply inform the officer in a nice and respectful manner.

The USCIS immigration officer who'll be assigned to your naturalization interview must be courteous and professional. He/She must repeat or rephrase the questions if you request him or her to do so until such time that you will understand the question. If ever the USCIS officer is not very accommodating and nice, don’t be discouraged, you can still pass your U.S. citizenship and naturalization interview as long as you are being honest and you are well-prepared for it.

If you think that the USCIS immigration officer assigned to you is very rude or has wrongly denied your naturalization application, you have the right as an immigrant applicant to complain to a USCIS Supervisor. Please note that this will not affect your U.S. citizenship naturalization application.

Our values and mission are the most important aspects to our website and Youtube channel. We want to offer free educational videos and give encouragement to immigrant applicants because we want you to succeed and achieve your goals in life. This website and our Youtube channel are both dedicated in helping immigrant applicants prepare and pass the Naturalization Interview and Tests for U.S. Citizenship. Educational help videos will be posted from this website and you can also see them via our Youtube channel. We post educational videos like how to prepare for the Naturalization Interview, form N-400, Civics Test, Speaking, Writing, Reading Exams and more.

How to Pass the Oral Civics Test (Naturalization Interview for U.S. Citizenship: 


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