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Educational Videos are Important in Passing Your Naturalization Interview and Tests for U.S. Citizenship

Digital videos are so influential nowadays in our everyday lives. Online video sharing sites especially YouTube have gained so much popularity and is a recommended platform to learn anything in an education setting.

Immigrant applicants may no longer attend classes in a brick and mortar school or campus and simply see these educational videos as a tool for learning and passing their naturalization interview and tests for U.S. citizenship. Remarkably, with the busy life that people have these days, the rise of the digital video viewing audience has also increased. Immigrant applicants can easily learn and access a lot of data about their tests, thanks to the availability of educational videos online.

It’s interesting that the visual and auditory nature of videos appeal to a huge audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s simply natural to them. The use of educational videos can truly improve the learning experience. Based on the educational videos that we have posted on Youtube, a growing number of immigrant applicants have informed us that they were able to successfully pass the Naturalization Interview and Tests for U.S. Citizenship. This information truly inspired us to create more quality educational videos that can help immigrant applicants pass their interviews and examinations for American citizenship. While this idea might seem daunting, we see it as a positive and enjoyable experience because we based our educational videos on our own experiences, the official USCIS materials and also the the experiences coming from successful passers who took the naturalization interview and tests for U.S. citizenship. 

The good thing about online educational videos is can be easily shared at any time, day or night. An informative video can mean a lot to any student (immigrant applicant) because it can save a lot of time and transportation expenses too. These educational videos are easily accessible at a student’s convenience and can be watched numerous times as well, in order to assist with the how to’s including skill mastery.

Educational videos create a more engaging sensory experience than using only printed materials. Immigrant learners actually get to see and hear how they will be interviewed by an immigration officer in some of the settings in our educational videos. These will provide a go-to resource that can be watched from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The good thing about learning online, is that it’s easily accessible through a multitude of devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. This allows immigrant applicants the convenience of viewing these educational videos from wherever they are located.

Indeed, educational videos increase the knowledge retention, because these can be stopped and replayed as many times as needed. These videos can also assist in the learning particularly those topics that are highly visual like showing the step-by-step process or important procedures. They can truly increase proficiency in digital literacy as well as communication, which are so vital in our modern technology skills.

We believe that videos increase a student's engagement, which in turn helps boost achievement that can lead to a high passing rate. We know that immigrant applicants are interested in passing their naturalization interview and tests for their American citizenship so through our educational videos, we expect that they will be able to process it well and remember most of it. The good thing about learning through these videos is can offer students the flexibility to pause or skip throughout the entire video to review certain areas that they want to understand more.

Our educational videos are indeed helpful for immigrant applicants who are unable to attend classes, or those who need to review sessions. Educational videos may seek to change the roles of instructors or educators from lecturers to facilitators although it’s important to remember that they are simply meant to enhance some of their lectures but no way to replace them.

We always try to offer engaging and relevant educational videos to immigrant applicants so that they will not be bored while practicing their naturalization interviews and examinations. We want to provide good visual and auditory processing channels and make relevant associations that help with their memory and recall. We try to remove any unnecessary information in our educational videos that may hinder the immigrant applicant’s ability to process and recall the important information. Video weeding can maximize any learners’ memory capacity for auditory as well as visual channels.

We try to maintain a conversational and enthusiastic tone to keep our fellow immigrant applicants engaged. We want to offer free educational videos that will become an effective tool where applicants shall be able to sucessfully pass their naturalization interview and exams for U.S citizenship. We know how expensive the fees when an immigrant wishes to become an American citizen and this is the reason why we created these educational videos. We were once immigrant applicants ourselves and it's very important for us to help in any way that we can to support our fellow hardworking immigrants. Our main goal is to help them pass the U.S. citizenship and achieve their goals and dreams that they well-deserved. 

We take great pride in producing quality educational videos that are also engaging and enjoyable to watch to help immigrant applicants pass their naturalization interview and tests. Thank you so much for visiting our website.

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