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U.S. Citizenship Interview: Understanding the USCIS Commands

During your scheduled U.S. Citizenship Interview, the USCIS Officer will ask certain tasks that you shall perform. It’s important that as an immigrant applicant, you must understand these basic commands. There are sentences that you'll likely hear during the day of your naturalization interview and tests for your American citizenship. We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with these important Commands or Directions because the immigration officer will use them to test your understanding of the English language. 

The test of your citizenship will already start once you'll meet the immigration officer assigned to interview you. He or she shall test if you can clearly follow and understand the commands coming from an immigration officer. This will give the USCIS officer how good your speaking ability is. The immigration service officer (ISO) shall evaluate your speaking skills, so you must show that you're able to understand the English language and answer him or her promptly. Below are the ten most common commands in that the Immigration Service Officer (ISO) will most likely say or ask you.

  • Please follow me. 
  • Can you follow me please?
  • Kindly follow me.

  • Remain standing, please.
  • Please remain standing.
  • Please keep standing.

  • Raise your right hand.
  • Kindly your right hand.
  • Please raise your right hand. 

  • Please be seated. 
  • Please have a seat. 
  • Please sit down.

  • Please hand me your passport. 
  • Please show me your passport. 
  • Can I have your passport?

  • Please wait here.
  • Kindly wait here.
  • Can you please wait for a few minutes?
  • Read this sentence.
  • Please read this sentence on the digital tablet.
  • Can you read this sentence on the digital tablet?

  • Write this sentence:
  • Please write this sentence on the digital tablet:
  • Please write this sentence on the digital tablet:

  • Write this sentence here.
  • Please write this sentence here.
  • Please write this sentence on the digital tablet.

  • Print your name. 
  • Please print your name.
  • Kindly print your name here.

  • Sign your name here, on the digital tablet.
  • Kindly sign your name here.
  • Please sign your name here. 
  • Can I have your signature here? 
  • Sign your name here.
  • Kindly sign your name here.
  • Please sign your name here. 
  • Can I have your signature here? 

Please remember that you can always request to use the traditional pen and paper and not the digital tablet for your Civics Test on your Naturalization Interview for U.S. Citizenship.

These are the things that you’ll expect once the USCIS officer will call your name. Knowing these commands in advance before your actual interview is important. We truly hope that you’ll be able to pass your naturalization interview for U.S. citizenship. Our values and mission are the most important aspects to our website and Youtube channel. We want to offer FREE educational audio materials and videos as well as give encouragement to immigrant applicants because we want you to succeed and achieve your goals in life. 

We were once immigrant applicants too and we’re truly glad that a website like this including Youtube and other social media platforms were able to offer all of us a place to encourage, support and guide one another in this journey. You only need to study, and believe in yourself. You can do it, and we're here to support you. This website, our Youtube channel and our other social media that we are connected with are all  dedicated in helping immigrants prepare and pass the Naturalization Interview and Tests for U.S. Citizenship. Educational material, information articles and linked videos will be posted from this website like how to prepare for the Naturalization Interview, Cover Letters, form N-400, Civics Test, Speaking, Writing, Reading Exams and more. I'm an immigrant too, as well as the ones who are helping me build this website and our Youtube channel.

Our main goal is to help fellow hardworking immigrants become American Citizens by successfully passing the US Citizenship Tests and Naturalization Interview with our educational articles and help guide videos! We post informative articles including educational videos and are updated with the USCIS official website! Please don’t forget to comment, like, and share these articles and videos, thank you!

We provide you here with some sample commands with photos including a video for you to practice on. The USCIS officer who will interview you might ask the same commands in different ways so it’s best to familiarize them. The last stage in establishing eligibility for U.S. citizenship is the naturalization interview. This will involve answering questions from a USCIS officer and passing tests related to civics and the English language. The list of commands that are used by USCIS officers during the naturalization interview to test the ability to understand basic commands in English. The information presented in the Naturalization Interview Commands list is here to help applicants to be more prepared and familiarized with the citizenship test process. There are various ways of phrasing common commands in real-life situations. For example, “Please sit down”could also be phrased as “Have a seat, please”, “Please be seated”, “Kindly sit down”, or “Have a seat.” 

You might as well encounter one of these commands in everyday conversation and remember that each person’s case is different, so every naturalization interview is also unique or one of its kind. So during your naturalization interview, an immigration officer may use these commands or phrase it as a request in a different way. Take note that this is not intended to be a complete list of the interview commands or requests that a USCIS officer may use during your naturalization interview for U.S. citizenship but we tried to list the most common.

The Civics Test is an oral test and the USCIS Officer will ask you up to 20 of the 128 civics questions. You need to answer 12 out of 20 questions correctly in order to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test.

How to Pass the Oral Civics Test (Naturalization Interview for U.S. Citizenship: 


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